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Include Only

Include Only With the “Include Only” option you can select those individual categories you like to use in the menu and create a new menu with only those Categories. If you select the Categories you will like to have in your menu (1) and then check the “Include Subcategories” (2) Dynamic Menu will automatically include […]


Exclude The exclude option gives you the option to exclude categories manually from your menu. Normally Dynamic Menu will automatically index all categories and list them after the options you have selected. With exclude can you remove some categories from the menu and keep it removed until you change it. In the example, I have […]

Sub Main Menu

Sub Main Menu: (To show it as first level menu in same main menu)

Individual Main Menu

Individual Main Menu : (To show it as an individual main menu) With the Individual Main Menu setting you can get one or more Categories out as separate menus. This is a quick way to select a few categories and add them to their own menu main item. With the BAGS category set in the […]

Advanced functions

Advanced functions The next set of settings gives some more advanced options. Here you will have the option to create more advanced menus based on your categories.

Submenu order by

Submenu order by The Submenus can be arranged in its sort order. Default(Name), as with the previous option will sort the Submenus by Name alphabetically. Count the number of products in the subcategory. Category ID, this will be sorted by category ID, which is the id used in the database. Submenu Order This is the […]

Order by

Order by We start with the Order by. Here we have Default (Name), this option will let you sort the menus by the name. Count, The number of products will determine the sort order. Category Id, here the Category Id will be used for sorting. Category Tree, which is another plugin from AwesomeTogi. If you […]

Section 3 – Sort order

Section 3 – Sort order The next section of the settings allows you to set the sorting order for various categories and subcategories. We have Order By, Order, Submenu order by and Submenu Order.

Remove Out Of Stock Categories

Remove Out Of Stock Categories This is also a self-explanatory option. If you click this all Categories where all the products are out of stock will not be displayed in the menu. Again you have to carefully consider this if you have popular products which from time to time are out of stock, but you […]

Remove Grouping

Remove Grouping This option is a powerful setting when you build your category menu.  Let’s have a look. Here I have both the Product Count and Remove Grouping Selected in the Dynamic Product Categorie setting. The menu looks like this : All the Main Categories are now set as the first Menu Item with a […]

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