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Remove Grouping

Remove Grouping This option is a powerful setting when you build your category menu.  Let’s have a look. Here I have both the Product Count and Remove Grouping Selected in the Dynamic Product Categorie setting. The menu looks like this : All the Main Categories are now set as the first Menu Item with a […]

Hide Empty Categories

Hide Empty Categories This setting should be self-explanatory. But it will hide all the empty categories from the menu if set. This can help the customers to not click on empty categories and waste their time looking for products not available. On the other hand, it will exclude products you might have en route for […]

Section 2

Settings section 2 The next section in the settings is the Product Count, Hide Empty Categories, Remove Grouping and Remove Out Of Stock Categories.

Dynamic Menu Products Categories

Dynamic Menu Products Categories The default settings below are the ones you have available when you add the Dynamic Product Categories.  Let’s have a look at each of them, so you can see how to use them. Navigation Label and Title Attribute Navigation Label and Title Attribute are from WordPress default settings in the menu. […]

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