Dynamic Menu Product Categories

If you have many Woocommerce product categories adding these to the menu could be very time consuming.  Especially if you have a complex hierarchy. And each time you created or deleted a category in Woocommerce you had to edit the menu as well. But those days are over!

With this Dynamic Menu Product Categories plugin you no longer have to add your product categories in Woocommerce manually to your menu.

You simply install the Dynamic Menu Product Categories plugin. Add a ‘Dynamic Product Category’ item to your menu and that’s it.
All of your product categories will automatically be displayed in your menu – both parent categories and children!

We have even added some cool extra features, so that you can
Hide empty Product Categories
Exclude Product Categories from the menu
Sort parent and child Product Categories by name/count
Display count in the menu.

We have even added a Dynamic Tag Menu Item so that you can also automatically display all of your tags in the menu, with the above functionalities as well.

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*incl. 6 months updates and support for 6 months


This is how you setup your categories and tags in the menu

Version 4.3.2

Last update 12th of February 2020

Version 4.4.7
  • 3 months ago Add Cache function - added the option to have your categories in cache. This will speed up you loadtime.
  • 3 months ago Add Added info box about the Cache function
Version 4.4.6
  • 4 months ago Add Version log: Removed jquery-ui JS and CSS files loading from google cdn and added them directly to the plugin.
  • 4 months ago Add Included jquery ui widget to the plugin to avoid $.widget is not a function errors.
  • 4 months ago Add Added category slug to the frontend menu classes.
Version 4.4.3
  • 7 months ago Add Added new function for hiding Out of Stock Categories.
Version 4.4.2
  • 7 months ago Add Fixed an issue with some themes.
Version 4.4.0
  • 9 months ago Add New function - works together with the Category Tree plugin for Drag'n'Drop option.
Version 4.3.2
  • 11 months ago Fixed Ordering of parent and child category.
  • 11 months ago Fixed Conflict with product count and category slug.
Version 4.3.1
  • 1 year ago Fixed Ability to calculate and handle large numbers of product categories
Version 4.3
  • 1 year ago Add Option to sort type and order for submenus
  • 1 year ago Update General update

The 2 ways of displaying your product categories

You can either list your product categories as sub menu items to one main menu item – or you can dynamically display your parent product categores as main menu items. See screenshots below and learn how to set it up in the tutorial video.

Using one main menu item and displaying the product categories below

Displaing the parent product categories individually in the menu

Activate License and add Dynamic Menu

Menu with and without Grouping

Display Product Count

Display Order and Exclusion

Features of the plugin:

  • Show your main product categories as first level menu items
  • Or show one custom first level menu item and your main product categories as children
  • Hide empty product categories from menu (categories without products)
  • Display count per category
  • Sort by name
  • Sort by count
  • Option to sort type and order for both parent menu and sub menus
  • Display tags dynamically
  • Sort tags by name/count
  • Hide empty tags from menu (tags without products)

The plugin works with most themes. Tested with all WordPress default themes and the most popular premium themes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your license code is written in the order confirmation, that you received by e-mail.

The plugin works with most themes and it has been tested with all WordPress default themes and the most popular premium themes.

The plugin runs through all categories and tags upon each page load, so if you have many categories and/or tags, this may take a while. In a future update of the plugin, the menu items will instead be saved statically, so that it will not remain the page load time.

Once you have purchased the premium plugin, you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the zip file, containing the plugin. Save this in a folder on your computer.
Then you go to your website, click ‘Plugins’, ‘Add new’ and ‘Upload’. You now select the zip file that you have just downloadet.
Click ‘activate’. A message will now ask you to enter your license key in order to use the plugin.
You have received this license key via e-mail.
Once you have entered the license key, you are ready to work with the plugin, and future updates will also happen via wp-backend.

Once you have purchased the premium plugin, you will receive a license key via e-mail. You then enter this license code on your site, and now, all future updates can be done via your plugins panel in your website. So it will not be necessary to download new versions via our website – you can update directly via wp-admin as you do with your free plugins.

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    Buy plugin – €18*

    *incl. 6 months updates and support for 6 months