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Include Only

With the “Include Only” option you can select those individual categories you like to use in the menu and create a new menu with only those Categories.

If you select the Categories you will like to have in your menu (1) and then check the “Include Subcategories” (2) Dynamic Menu will automatically include all subcategories for those selected categories.

This way you can select exactly which categories you will use in your menu.

Like in the example in the next figure.

If you combine this with the Remove Group you can create special menus as you like.

In the next example, I have selected 2 out of 42 categories and included subcategories.

As you can see here the settings are set like this.

I have selected BAGS and BOOKINGS and those have Subcategories.
If you do not click the “include subcategories” you will only be able to see the first level of the categories.

This makes the Include Only a powerful tool with which you can create separate menus for those categories you will make the customer more aware of.

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