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Add-on bundle for Awesome Event Booking

61.00 now,
then 12.00 every 6 months

Duplicate Events ADD-ON

With this cool add-on, you can duplicate an event.

Multiple Event Dates ADD-ON

With this add-on, you can add several event dates to an event.

Mailchimp Integration ADD-ON

Make sure that your signed up users are also added to you mailing list in Mailchimp with this add-on.

Downloadable Files ADD-ON

Upload files to an event that will be available for download for the attendants of that event via ‘My account’.

Payment integration via Woocommerce ADD-ON

Make it possible to pay for an event with this Woocommerce integration.

Diploma for Attendants Addon for Awesome Event Booking

Send out a diploma to the attendants of an event with this add-on.


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