Dynamic Menu Product Categories – plugin for Woocommerce


With this Dynamic Menu Product Categories plugin, you no longer have to add your Woocommerce product categories manually to your menu.

You simply install the Dynamic Menu Product Categories plugin. Add a ‘Dynamic Product Category’ item to your menu and that’s it.
All of your Woocommerce product categories will automatically be displayed in your menu – both parent categories and children!

In this premium version of the plugin. We have given you some cool extra features so that you can:

hide empty product categories
sort by name/count
display count

in menu.

We have even added a dynamic tag menu item so that you can also automatically display all of your tags in the menu.

The plugin works with most themes. Tested with all WordPress default themes and the most popular premium themes.

Purchasing this add-on includes 6 months updates and 6 months support.



If you have many product categories in Woocommerce adding these to the menu could be very time consuming.
Especially if you have a complex hierarchy. And each time you created or deleted a category you had to edit the menu as well.
Our plugin will take care of this for you automatically!



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