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Remove Grouping

This option is a powerful setting when you build your category menu. 

Let’s have a look.

Here I have both the Product Count and Remove Grouping Selected in the Dynamic Product Categorie setting.

The menu looks like this :

All the Main Categories are now set as the first Menu Item with a product count. Like BAGS (12) and so on. Now the menu uses a lot of space but also gives the customer a quick overview of the categories. But if you have a lot of Categories you will end up with a mess of a menu.

When I deselect the two options.

I get another result where the All Items menu is only one item, and then the main categories are listed as level 2 in the dropdown menu.

This Remove Grouping can be used with more settings, which I will come back to. This will allow you to have the option to build any menu you like.

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